Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gender Segregation and the Hatred of Love

Islam contains extremely backward teachings that call for strict segregation of men and women and thus prevent them from intermingling. This shows a clear, irrational fear and hatred towards love (outside the narrow walls of marriage) between the opposite sex. Islam asks men and women:

(1) Not to spend time together.
(2) Not to touch each other.
(3) Not to look at each other eye to eye.
(4) Not to dress attractively.

Quran 17:32 - And come not near unto adultery. Lo! it is an abomination and an evil way.

The Quran doesn't simply ask Muslims not to commit adultery, it asks them not to come close to it. In the following hadith, Muhammad defines the sins that make people come close to adultery (while he also makes it clear that it is impossible to avoid these sins completely, due to human temptation).

Sahih Muslim 2658 - "Allah fixed the very portion of adultery which a man will indulge in. There would be no escape from it. The adultery of the eye is the lustful look and the adultery of the ears is listening to voluptuous (song or talk) and the adultery of the tongue is licentious speech and the adultery of the hand is the lustful grip (embrace) and the adultery of the feet is to walk (to the place) where he intends to commit adultery and the heart yearns and desires which he may or may not put into effect."

Now, let's look at some of the rules prescribed and the examples set by Muhammad in this matter:

Quran 24:30 to 24:31 - Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands' fathers, or their sons or their husbands' sons, or their brothers or their brothers' sons or sisters' sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigour, or children who know naught of women's nakedness.

Quran 33:59 - O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. 

Sahih Muslim 1341 - "No person should be alone with a woman except when there is a Mahram with her, and the woman should not undertake journey except with a Mahram."

Sahih al-Jami 5045 - “For one of you to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle is better for him than that he should touch a woman who is not permissible for him.” 

Sahih Muslim 1866 - "By God, the Messenger of Allah never took any vow from women except that which God had ordered him to take, and his palm never touched the palm of a woman. When he had taken their vow, he would tell them that he had taken the oath from them orally."

Sunan Ibn-Majah 2874 - “I came to the Prophet with some other women, to offer our pledge to him. He said to us: ‘(I accept your pledge) with regard to what you are able to do. But I do not shake hands with women.’”

Sahih Muslim 2159 - "I asked Allah's Messenger about the sudden glance (that is cast) on the face (of a non-Mahram). He commanded me that I should turn away my eyes."

Sunan Abu-Dawud 4104 - "Asma, daughter of AbuBakr, entered upon the Messenger of Allah wearing thin clothes. The Messenger of Allah turned his attention from her. He said: O Asma', when a woman reaches the age of menstruation, it does not suit her that she displays her parts of body except this and this, and he pointed to his face and hands."

CONCLUSION: These teachings when taken seriously promote gender segregation or sex segregation and a fear of emotional attachment between the opposite sex, creating an extremely backward society that stops men and women from mingling with each other. Islam builds a giant social division between the sexes, destroying the beauty of the world and suppressing happiness. There is a huge amount of support for sex segregation from within the Islamic culture and these teachings clearly show where everything comes from. Importantly, even if these teachings are not enforced socially, merely teaching and brainwashing people into supporting these ideas is harmful enough. These teachings encourage people to willingly support sex segregation and form the social divide themselves. This is why Islam is a huge problem even if it is kept away from political or social power. By severely suppressing human desires and restricting love, Islam destroys much of the happiness in daily life.


  1. Hei Rohit Balakrishnan!
    (1)Who are you? Are you Muslim? You are not, then why you talk about Islam,your article consists of
    BIG ERRORS because you cut and paste without honestly revailing the actual chronicle events of it! PROOF OF YOUR EVIL INTENTIONS AND IGNORANT! (2)Are you cleverer
    than God? If yes, then don't use God's soul, brain, eyes, mouth, nose etc created by God, create yourself! Don't eat food and drinks created by God, create yourself! Don't live in this earth created by God, create yourself!!! If you acknowledge God cleverer than yourself, then SHUT UP, don't judge God!!!
    (2)STOP translating Quran and giving opinions, you are NOT QUALIFIED!!!
    Before you open your mouth, read these :
    There are at least 11 sub-knowledge(besides 3 below) for a person (Muslim or not) to MASTER to qualified in interpreting the Holy Quran, read :

    (1)Tafsir refers to the accurate interpretation of the Quranic texts, such as Arabic grammar and syntax, Arabic literature and Quranic sciences (Uloom al-Quran). A commentator’s familiarity with modern fields of learning, like the pure sciences and social sciences can aid in making the Quranic explanations relevant to modern human society.

    (2)Usool at-Tafsir literally means “The Fundamental Principles of Quranic Interpretation”. It refers to those branches of knowledge which are necessary to provide the proper Quranic interpretation (tafsir). This branch of knowledge provides the step-by-step methodology of interpreting the Quran to ensure that interpretations are not merely the result of human whims and fancies.

    (3)Uloom al-Quran, refers to all the fields of knowledge which aid in elucidating the Quran. These include the following :

    1.Knowledge of tafsir (exegesis),
    2.Qiraa’aat (recitations),
    3.Ar-rasmul-‘Uthmaanee (the ‘Uthmaanic script),
    4.I‘jaaz al-Quran (miraculous aspects of the Quran),
    5.Asbaab an-nuzool (reasons for revelation),
    6.An-naasikh wal-mansookh (abrogating and abrogated verses),
    7.I‘raab al-Quran (Quranic grammar),
    8.Ghareeb al-Quran (unusual Quranic terms),
    9.Religious rulings,
    10.Arabic language
    11.Arabic literature.

    * Therefore, as you can see, you ARE NOT qualified to interpret the Quran(not even a single sentence or a word), so don't ever try!

    A lot of the ignorant interpretations are TOTALLY WRONG and so their and your opinions. Simply because you don't get from the Authentic Sources. Among Authentic Sources of books interpreting Quran by the Scholars :
    *Tafsir At Tabari.
    *Tafsir Al Qurtubi.
    *Tafsir Ibnu Kathir.
    *And Many More.
    *REFER TO THESE AUTHENTIC SOURCES, DON'T EVER USE YOUR LIMITED BRAIN. If brain can be use, God don't sent Prophet Muhammad pbuh to explain it(HADITH).(to be continue)

  2. (3)To translate let alone interpret Quran, (First and foremost)you MUST BE a Scholar(can you let someone build your house who know nothing about Building, building materials,soil, architectural, engineering, electrical, plumbing to give the least).(Second)MUST be a MUSLIM! Because only Muslims(to be exact BELIEVERS) are 'guided', others are NOT(to be exact, guided by SATAN). Most of your article is just cut and paste here and there, to suit your evil mission and intention. You neglect the chronicle orders of that particular event. You neglect other views of the Scholars who are more knowledgeable and more authority, which will give more accurate meanings of that particular subject mainly because YOU HAVE EVIL INTENTION AND MISSION! So DELETE YOUR WEBSITE, It's USELESS AND SHIT! Because it comes from (1)EVIL INTENTIONS AND MISSIONS.(2)Unqualified person.(3)Misleading and polluting Islam which is Sacred.
    (8)Rohit Balakrishnan, the difference between others talking about our belief and vice-versa is : Other beliefs especially liberalism and atheism does not holds responsibility and accountability, so why criticized? Our beliefs comes with responsibility and accountability, that it's our duty towards God to bring 'wrong' to 'right'.(9)Lastly, let settle this RIGHT NOW, to know who is right between us : In the middle of the night(no single one hear), you say SINCERELY(with humble and low voice(you only hear),(1)If you REALLY sincere to find the TRUTH say, "Oh God who creates the universe, show me your way".(2)If you don't believe in God, say "Oh God, if you exist, take my life now! YOU WILL SURELY FIND THE TRUTH!!!

  3. I don't know if what has been said here is right or wrong. I have not personally researched this topic.

    However, based on the arguments from the two comments. It appears that the god of Islam created a book that you are unable to interpret unless you have years of study.

    This is a serious problem, which is why you have individuals running around killing themselves in the name of Allah.

    Also, I would add that the tone of the defenders of Allah is quite striking. They sound like hateful extremist and I would not take any stock in what they have to say. Nevermind the lack of grammer and incoherent logic.

    I sincerely hope that you all are able to escape the obvious deception you are under. In the mean time, you will be in my prayers.