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Islam is an ideology - a set of ideas. The term Muslim is just an identity and Muslims are human beings who associate themselves with Islam in some way. The assumption that criticism of Islam is equal to an attack on Muslims is completely wrong. On the one extreme there are people who are bigoted against Muslims in general and on the other extreme there are people who view criticism of Islam as bigotry. Here is what both parties need to realize:

1). People have varying interpretations, knowledge and commitment with regards to the religious doctrine.
2). People give different amounts of emphasis to various aspects of religion.
3). People are made up of more than just religion.

With that said, after having studied Islam in-depth it is very clear to me that there are huge problems in the Islamic doctrine. Some of these are so problematic that makes it absolutely necessary to criticize Islam. I also include articles to refute the alleged scientific accuracy of Islam scripture which is a complete myth. Now let's move on to my analysis. Click on each topic to see my complete analysis using Islamic scripture.

I. Moral and Ethical Problems:

II. Scientific and Factual Errors:

Quran's Failed Challenges and Appeal to Ignorance
The Quran Falls in its Own Bible Trap
Biological Blunders in the Quran

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